Hygge (dispatching mid February) - Surprise Self Striping Sock Yarn with 20g Mini Skein

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You will receive a sock set of self striping yarn & a tonal coordinating mini skein based on the book cover ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ by Meik Wiking - one of my favourite reads in the depths of winter. So cosy! The 

The self striping yarn will have between 4&6 colours & the mini skein will be a coordinating tonal. 

Available to order on the following yarn bases:

100g Merino/Nylon -  75% superwash merino 25% nylon & 20g/80m mini skein (100g/400m fingering weight)

50g Merino/Nylon 75% superwash merino 25% nylon & 20g/80m mini skein (50g/200m fingering weight)

BFL/Nylon - 100g 75% sw bfl 25% nylon & 20g/80m mini skein (100g/400m fingering weight)

Zebra Merino/Nylon 100g 75% superwash merino 25% nylon (100g/365m fingering weight) 2ply merino - one dark strand one white so barber piled

Sparkle Merino/Nylon 100g 75% sw merino 20% nylon 5% silver stellina & 20g/72m mini skein (100g/365m fingering weight)

British Corriedale Sock - 100g/400m 100% Corriedale British Yarn, Non superwash & nylon free. Sourced, spun & dyed in England. 2ply

Highland Sock - 100g/400m 100% Highland Wool - non superwash & nylon free (multi-ply round yarn, softer than Corriedale Sock & a lower price point)

All of the socks sets come with a 20g mini skein to knit contrasting heels, toes & cuffs. This will be sent to you on the same base as the main skein.

The yarn is hand dyed in small batches with professional dyes in a smoke-free environment. Hand dyed yarns can vary skein to skein so please bare this in mind that no two skeins are 100% identical but they are all dyed with the same recipe and technique. Your sample may knit up slightly differently to somebody elses depending on the craft you choose, project, stitch pattern, needle size & tension.

All yarns are sent out in a skein/hank. 

Though this yarn is washable, I recommend hand-washing your finished object with a wool wash such as Euculan. Minimal colour bleeding may occur during the first few washes, so please wash apart from other items.

Feel free to send a message if you have any questions!