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Which yarn is suitable to knit socks?
All of our yarn bases in the self striping ranges are suitable for knitting socks.
I have never knit socks before, where can I learn?
I learnt using the blog of a lady called Christine, she’s found online as Winwick Mum and has a free step by step guide to knit your first pair of socks. https://www.winwickmum.co.uk/2014/05/basic-sock-pattern-and-tutorial.html
What does superwash mean?
Superwash is a treatment the yarn is put through whilst it’s being processed into wool – it makes the yarn resistant to felting and machine washable.
What is the difference between your yarn bases?
Merino is a very soft wool, warm – cosy and soft on your hands with no itch factor. Comfortable to wear next to skin.
BFL is wool from a sheep called Bluefaced Leicester, they are a British breed of sheep. Their wool is more rustic and durable – a little more scratchy. If you’re sensitive to wool or in doubt I’d recommend the merino base.
How much wool do I need to knit a pair of socks?
100g of a skein of sock yarn will be plenty to knit a pair of socks. However;
We sell our sw merino/nylon base in 100g or 50g skeins of self striping yarn. 50g with contrasting mini skein is enough to knit a pair of sock up to a UK 6 / American 8 / European 39 shoe size. You can use all of the yarn with very little to no leftovers.
If you have larger feet or would like long socks then please order 100g of the self striping yarn with the optional 20g mini skein. If you’re a beginner knitter I’d also recommend 100g as you don’t want to risk running out!