Trees for Life // Socks not Saws - SKEIN/HANK - hand dyed sock yarn with 20g mini skein

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🌳 Tree's for Life // Socks not Saws 🧦

A few weeks ago one of my best friends, Rachael @rach_ch asked me if I could support a campaign which is happening all over the world but sadly at the moment on Vancouver Island in Canada where she lives. There are lots of people campaigning to save some of the oldest trees.

The other day a lovely customer & IG friend @_alexl62_ sent me a card which is a print of a small forest which was handmade using felt by @upanddowndale. Thank you Alex for the inspiration 🙏

£5 from every 100g sock blank set with 20g olive green mini or 100g skein sock set with 20g mini will go towards helping campaign against felling these beautiful trees. I am offering 50g merino nylon sock sets with a 20g olive mini, please note that £2.50 will be donated for each 50g sock set sold. 

You can find out more information on @rainforestflyingsquad & @fairycreekblockade profile on Instagram. 

This listing is for a sock set which is dyes onto the skein. Please note this will knit up differently to the sock blank. 

Available on the following yarn bases;

Merino/Nylon -  100g 75% superwash merino 25% nylon & 20g/80m mini skein (100g/400m fingering weight)

Merino/Nylon -  50g 75% superwash merino 25% nylon & 20g/80m mini skein (50g/200m fingering weight)

BFL/Nylon - 100g 75% sw bfl 25% nylon & 20g/80m mini skein (100g/400m fingering weight)

Sparkle Merino/Nylon 100g 75% sw merino 20% nylon 5% silver stellina & 20g/72m mini skein (100g/365m fingering weight)

The yarn is hand dyed in small batches with professional dyes in a smoke-free environment.

Though this yarn is washable, I recommend hand-washing your finished object with a wool wash such as euculan. Minimal colour bleeding may occur during the first few washes, so please wash apart from other items.

Feel free to send a message if you have any questions!